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I have spent a number of years coming to terms with paint and various drawing mediums. However I also find myself dabling in printmaking, photography, video work with computers, architectural design etc... I often pray that before I die that what is inside me will be articulated and resolved to the mutual satisfaction of my Creator and myself. And as with all of humanity my greatest obstacle is my own broken, 'self'. That is to say my lack of character and the immature attitudes that in the past I have failed to honestly address .


Figurative Drawing I have always enjoyed drawing the human form & good draughtsmanship is something that I have sought to under-gird in even my abstract paintings. In my younger days I 'drank deeply' from such figurative masters as Leonardo, Picasso, Munche, Degas, Van Gogh, Hockney & others. Echoes of their 'process' can occasionally be seen in my own work. My use of the naked figure is metaphorical, investigating such themes as: vulnerability, transparency & honesty.

Sketch books Sketch books are helpful records in the creative process. Sometimes these 'visual notes' are as satisfying if not more interesting to me than a later 'finished' paintings. In due time I will scan and photograph more of my sample notebooks and drawings to view below.


Textures / colours & abstract form These photos were taken from a park and racecourse, at the end of our street. It was Springtime and I was celebrating the change of seasons with a visual record of the emerging life around us. In these images, I was fascinated with different organic textures, composition (both asymetrical & symetrical) and a reduced focal length, in the Fuji S7000 camera, which I used to focus my areas of interest in the viewframe.

Portraits and figurative photos from my family photo collection. I also use my camera and printer these days to supplement the preparitory drawing work found in my sketch books. At times I use my camera and my computer to assist 'mock ups' for larger more comlplex compositions (I use a Docuprint C525A FujiXerox laser printer which is really quick and ends up being only a few cents per A4 printout. It is of a surprisingly good standard).


A container house I have been working on a house that can be assembled and deassembled. It is made out of eight 24 foot shipping containers. The design can be buried in the ground for insulation / or privacy, with plenty of interior light through a central atrium. lt can be completely private to the world about, above ground (or below it). It can also be as open or as secure as the owner requires for a secure holiday home. I haven't quite finished it yet, but I will post some photos below, when I do. You can down load the model and play with it yourself using google sketch up (

A wooden ark One of my daughters wanted a Noahs ark to play with for her birthday. So I set out to make a 'modest' ark complete with animals out of wood, using a friends band saw, belt sander and odd pieces of wood in the garage.


Past work - I majored in my second year at artschool in printmaking. My reasoning was that even though I wanted to be a painter, I already had a basic understanding of that medium. Further, that if I wanted to make the most of my time at Art School I needed, to work in new, unfamiliar and challenging mediums, where (in the future,) I would lack both the equipment resources and the expertise to develop. Thus for a year, I joined the Elam printmaking department, lugging huge lithography stones learning safery processes from breathing poisonous acid bath, and turps fumes etc... In hindsight it was a good decision, and I still have some older prints, which I will scan and place below when I can. I also look forward to new work, as I work with other local printmakers. The below mediums are the ones I enjoy.

Monoprinting is a form of printmaking that has images or lines that cannot exactly be reproduced. There are many techniques for mono printing, including collage, hand-painted additions, and a form of tracing by which thick ink is laid down on a table, paper is placed on top and is then drawn on, transferring the ink onto the paper. Monoprints can also be made by altering the type, color, and pressure of the ink used to create different prints. Most of my monoprints are ink on metal plates rubbed back with cloths and 'positive' drawing instruments.

Etchings - An intaglio printing process in which an etching needle is used to draw into a wax ground applied over a metal plate. The plate is then submerged in a series of acid baths, each biting into the metal surface only where unprotected by the ground. The ground is removed, ink is forced into the etched depressions, the unetched surfaces wiped, and an impression is printed. Also, both the design etched on a plate and an impression made from an etched plate.

Lithographs In the graphic arts, a method of printing from a prepared flat stone or metal or plastic plate, invented in the late eighteenth century. A drawing is made on the stone or plate with a greasy crayon or tusche, and then washed with water. When ink is applied it sticks to the greasy drawing but runs off (or is resisted by) the wet surface allowing a print — a lithograph — to be made of the drawing. The artist, or other print maker under the artist's supervision, then covers the plate with a sheet of paper and runs both through a press under light pressure. For color lithography separate drawings are made for each color. (pr. le-thah'gruh-fee).

Woodcuts A print made by cutting a design in side-grain of a block of wood, also called a woodblock print. The ink is transferred from the raised surfaces to paper.