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Prayer Diary

Sunday, 7th October 2007 7:04:42 AM

The falling tree.

I was walking again in the park this morning, praying, and meditating on scripture. The thoughts that were coming to mind this morning were of the Saul generation and the completed season of its rule. I thought also of the spiritual role of leadership passing on to the next David generation. As I was mulling these thoughts over, in my mind, I became aware of the power of the gale strength wind, that was surging through the Wairau Valley, and into the park, where I was standing. So I moved closer to a 'belt' of trees on the edge of the park for a little relief. As I walked along the path beside this tree belt, I stopped for some reason - to look up at a huge oak that was leaning over. "Wouldn't it be amazing", I thought, "if this huge tree came down". As I had these thoughts, I heard a loud CRACK of splintering wood to my right. I turned again to face the noise, and there, before me, a bout 20 metres away, where I would have been (if I had kept on walking), was a substantial 70 foot Old Man Pine smashing through the branches of an elm tree. It crashed to the ground directly in front of me. Wow! Quite a surreal and a powerful sight. It uprooted a 10-15 foot chunk of roots and earth, leaving a cavity behind in the bank of the stream. I felt an exhilarating surge of adreniline in my body. I ran up to that fallen tree, jumped on top of its trunk and shouted "yeehaah!" at the top of my lungs. At the same time I was thinking in my head "The Saul generation is soon to be over. The winds of change are about to make room for the David generation!"

I told others about the tree falling down in the church service later that morning, I neglected to mention the parable that the Lord gave me about what it means.