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Intro There are several principles that the Lord has shown me concerning these end times that others may find helpful in searching the scriptures for revelation. Whilst the Lord has given me some understanding of things that are yet to come, I have recently been observing others, who have had far more 'revelation' than myself. (If I include anyone else's thoughts they will be noted below). I encourage you to study the scriptures yourself, to lay aside your own denominational and doctrinal 'bias', and to search for answers from the Holy Spirit in His Word). The Berean Christians had keen listening hearts. They didn't accept Pauls messages blithely, but always checked and referred back to the scriptures to see if what he said was true. Likewise with these revelations, don't be lazy! Test them out with the Lord, to see if they are true. If they are, make informed decisions and change your lives appropriately. In my paintings I often consciously and unconsciously express some of the below thoughts.

1. Events in the life of Christ will be echoed in His end time Body

Every thing recorded in the gospels, that Christ went through here on earth, has relevance as a 'prophetic' indicator of what will happen to the end times, corporate body of Christ.

Example 1 Lazarus I have come to understand that the resurrection of Lazarus before the Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem is a prophetic analogy of a miraculous resuscitation that the present day 'dead' church will experience prior to Christ's arrival into the 'Jerusalem' of the end times. (The dead church that we currently know of today will be resurrected! And yes it will be miraculous.) Christ is coming back for a spotless bride. Do not look upon the church of today as being the bride that he will come back for. It is about to be empowered in seasons of triumph and then finally purified in the fellowship of Christ's sufferings.

Example 2 That just as Jesus body was 'anointed' with expensive perfume days before his arrival at the cross, so the end times body of Christ will receive an extravagant 'anointing' - a generous and gracious outpouring' of the Holy Spirit that will prepare and ready the Body of Christ for its own cross and burial in the tribulations of the end times.

Example 3 That Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem, in the final Passover week, indicates that there will be a season of 'favour' before the Body of Christ arrives at it's own cross.

Example 4 Judas That just as Christ was betrayed by Judas, so the body of Christ will be betrayed by Judas 'Christians', in the great falling away of the end times. (# This revelation comes from David Eells - my spirit witnessed to this truth when I heard the audio on his web-site - see also the pdf file here)

# there are many other 'examples' of the above principle that the Body of Christ will discover as we wait upon Him for insights. Take your own time read the Gospel narratives again and again. Become familiar with the picture language and with the Holy Spirit at your side, let Him show you what is important. Let Him teach you key analogies. Study the book of Revelations with the gospel narratives in mind - listen. (Also visit David Eells site for more detailed revelation)

2. Israels history is going to be echoed in His end time Body

The History of Israel with its many recorded events is like a magnifying glass, which can help us focus our attention on the important events yet to be played out in the end times Body of Christ. We need to take hold of that 'magnifying' glass and (with the Holy Spirits help), direct it to various focused levels of magnification, to see the Lords purposes for the days and seasons which lie ahead. When the Lord first showed this to me. I remember asking Him how I could better understand time and history - i.e.: "Is it cycular or is it linear?" (the two culturally dominant world views). He answered me, "Both". He then reminded me of the DNA double helix molecule as being expressed in small loops that fold over themselves again and again, in recurring patterns. He said that it was also linear in that it had a beginning and an end, and that both world views held important vantages to the reality of how He works in history and time. Using the above analogy of the DNA molecule He said that Israels history was filled with recurring analogical themes that will illuminate events in the end time church.

Example 1: The story of Joseph indicates there are two main seasons to come upon the world: The first is a season of blessing and growth. The second is a season of persecution, famine and great suffering. The harvest of the first 7 years (or a season) must be gathered in to storehouses to be retained for the times of great famine to follow in the next 7 years (or a season). And so to enable the church to survive the coming season of famine the Lord is raising up 'Josephs' who will build 'storehouses' able to maintain the harvest. Expect godly leaders to be raised up who will be strategically placed to gather His end time harvests.

Example 2: The conquering of Canaan is actually an analogy of the "quality" of spirituality that will be seen in the body of Christ in these end times. The promised land is the spiritual life of both the individual Christian and the spiritual life of the greater corporate Body of Christ. Our Joshua (Jesus) goes before us and conquers our old sinful natures within us, assisting us in decisive battles where we learn to put to death the old man. This has been an important theme for individual Christians in the past. However this will become more and more a corporate Body understanding in the church of the future.

Example 3: Joshua conquering Jericho reveals the history of the body of Christ and it's witness in this world. The gates of Hell will be pulled down in these end times. For 6 days (2000 years) the church has been marching around the city. But on this the closing 7 th day we are going to see an elevated rise (a seven fold increase) in powerful Christian work and witness. And at the conclusion of the seventh circuit on this final day, at Christ's command the church, will with one shout, destroy the gates of hell itself. Finally the kingdom of darkness will be defenceless. Christians will boldly enter Satans city (dominion) and fulfil Christ's command to go into all the world with His witness. The walls coming down indicates that Satan will no longer have access to the throne room of grace to accuse Christians night and day. He will however at that time be caste down to this earth (Rev 12) to complete the sufferings of Christ's body his church.

Example 4: The Saul / David / Solomon / Rehoboam generations indicates 4 consecutive generations (or 4 seasons of relevance), that will follow in quick sequence in the body of Christ. These 4 generations express different characters traits within Christ's body, prior to His return (The messianic expectations of 1&2 Chronicles reveals more of the character of Saul / David / Solomon / Rehoboam generations than 1&2 Kings).

The Saul generation (the present church as we know it) - has received the Lords call to leadership. They possess an incredible 'natural' giftedness, yet they have been found unfaithful, disobedient, worldly, jealous and insecure. Saul leadership looks towards men and not to God for guidance. Sauls are always at war (with their own sinful nature) but never overcoming. The Saul generation will at first welcome but then persecute a new type of leader that God is raising up - the David generation. The David generation will overlap, the Saul generation. It will also eventually take its place in leadership in Christ's body. Most of the present day leadership in the church, is Saulish and will be 'removed'. The Lords judgement will fall upon it because of its continued disobedience and its devolved spirituality (i.e. its soulish charismata progressively manifesting as demonic deception). 
The David generation at first will not be as 'attractive' as the Saul generation. However it will be marked by a transparency, an honesty and an obedient submission to the Lord. They will be a "generation of blood" indicating that they will be victorious in their battles over their sinful natures within. Most will have come from broken pasts but will have learnt to overcome by surrendering their brokenness to the cross of Christ. They will unite the various disunited 'tribes' of Gods kingdom into one army fit for war - i.e. in their time expect the denominations to disappear completely into one body. And the beginning of the huge end-time harvests. They will also conquer the full boundaries of their allocated inheritance - which speaks of their lives lived in whole obedience to their master (holiness). The David generation will do wonderful exploits for Christ's kingdom in the world (see David's mighty men), yet they will not be permitted to reveal the full glory of their master. The scriptural reason given in Chronicles is that they have been a 'kingdom of blood' - which is to say that they have fought and overcome their sinful natures, and as such they have tasted the kingdom of darkness. This has disqualified them (as unfit vessels) to build the Lords temple (i.e. to fully reveal His glory on earth), but from the soil of their lives grows an excellent harvest for the next generation. Such a privilege will be given to their children. The Solomon generation.  
The Solomon generation is going to be a generation of 'peace', which just means that these children of David, will be raised up in the fear and admonition of the Lord - as godly seed. They will not have experienced the bloodshed of their parents generation. They will learn in their youth what it is to submit to the yoke of the Holy Spirit. The Lord has a real purpose in raising up this godly Seed. He wants to build his home, his temple here on earth in their lives. The Lord wants to dwell in children. When the Lord first told me this, I was asking Him to use me for His glory. Well In the middle of my 'selfless' prayer, the Lord told me to be quiet. He then told me to pray for my future children (years before I had even met my wife). I was a little upset at this, but he corrected me by saying "yes he would use me, but that he wasn't going to reveal His 'full' glory in me". He was wanting instead to reveal His glory in my children's lives. He said that my life would be just like David who prepared the building materials necessary for Solomon to later construct and in time provide the dwelling where he would fully manifest His presence. Our Lord wants t o manifest himself in the corporate body of a holy people. This is his plan for the Solomon generation. The Lords concern for me was that I focus on bringing up my children in wise and godly ways. Another point to make about this generation is the incredible revelation that God will bring in their time, a wisdom that will even be recognised and valued even by the kingdoms of this world. 
The Rehoboam generation indicates that there will come a time when the body of Christ will move out of favour with the kingdoms of this world and eventually, because of persecutions, it will be separated off into two kingdoms. 10 tribes will be separated off accepting their own king (the AntiChrist) to lead them to destruction, whilst only 2 will remain loyal to Christ. This indicates that most of the church of the end times will be deceived and receive the mark of the beast to be set apart for eternal destruction. This is called the season of the great falling away, which Jesus prophesied would come. It is where brother will betray brother, and a mans enemy will be in his own home etc.... This season is the separating out of the wheats and the tares (Jesus parable). The purpose of this particular season is for the Lord to bring a sword, to make a distinction in His body. To set apart a people for himself for heaven, and to separate out those who have been prepared for eternal loss. The tearing of the kingdom in Rehoboams time was for the purpose of separating and making a distinction between two different kingdoms. No longer will goats be mistaken for sheep.

Example 5: The famine in Samaria (2 Kings ch6:24-ch7:20).The Western church has been in a spiritual famine. That Church leadership as represented by the king of Samaria, and the church structures as represented by the kings assistant who leaned upon his arm will be trampled to death in this revival. That the body of Christ in the West has been under Satanic seige and has been starved of the reality of Christ. That the walls of our church buildings, and the cultural 'mindset' of our services, have become our prisons keeping the body from sharing the gospel message in the community where our Lord has placed us. That some of the body who are really starving, will eventually leave the city in utter desperation in the vain hope of finding spiritual 'food' outside the walls of the city. These first 'pioneers' will be seen as lepers by the community of believers. However in the communities where God places them, they will find that the Lord has already prepared 'the Way' for them. Tent upon tent of hidden treasures and spiritual food will be re-'discovered' as available and graciously free. Eventually news will filter back to the traditional church structures of what the Lord is doing, but it will be too late. Suspicion, fear and unbelief will mark the attitudes of church leadership. However starving Christians from within these 'churches' will come thronging out of their buildings and into their communities. The church structures will attempt to regulate the intercourse between the 'church' body and the community, but in so doing they will be trampled to death by the 'starving' masses hungry for the reality of Christ. Expect this season to end the denominaitons as we know them. This season of famine will be over.

# there are many other 'examples' of the above principles that the Body of Christ will discover as we wait upon Him for insights. Take your own time to read the old Testament Histories again and again. Become familiar with the picture language and with the Holy Spirit at your side, let Him show you what is important. Let Him teach you key analogies. Study the book of Revelations with Israels History in mind - listen.

3. Christ's parables and teachings also speak prophetically

Many times whilst reading the parables and teachings of Christ, I have sensed the Holy Spirit prompt me concerning future events. The teachings of Christ can thus at times have several layers of meaning alluding to these end times.

Example 1 The beatitudes The Beatitudes express a standard of spirituality that has been seen previously as lofty and unattainable. However these standards correspond to the calling of the character of Christ's body as it enters into the tribulation of the end times. (see the New Creation pages)

Example 2 Parable of the Shrewd Manager The enemy knows that his time in heaven is short and so he has been working amid our society and the church as the Shrewd Manager in Christ's parable. He has been preparing a way in the hearts of men. His "soft gospel" message of salvation (without corresponding fruits to evidence true faith, which saves no one), and his generosity in sharing powerful counterfeit gifts has already won the hearts of many "converts". The end result is the acceptance of doctrines into the body of Christ that have and will continue to cheapen the full power of Christ's atonement for mans sin. Satans aim is that when he and his demons are evicted from their place in heaven, that he might have a habitation here on earth; A home in which to dwell. That home will include many who are presently 'in' the body of Christ.

Example 3 The Parable of the weeds and the tares This parable expresses an important truth that Christ is going to separate out his sheep from the goats before he returns to gather his own. See the above Rehoboam generation.

# there are many other 'examples' of the above principles that the Body of Christ will discover as we wait upon Him for insights. Take your own time read the Gospels again and again. Become familiar with the Teachings of Christ, the picture language of the parables and with the Holy Spirit at your side, let Him show you what is important. Let Him teach you key analogies. Study the book of Revelations with these parables in mind - listen.

4. The whole bible is the key to unlock Revelations

Revelations will be understood with increasing clarity. Much of its 'picture' language has been obscured by our carnal reasoning in the church and perhaps the distracted season of life that we have been in. However as those seasons change, expect the Lord to prepare and equip the body of Christ by releasing His insights from the book of Revelations. The whole bible is a key, which we can use to unlock the hidden treasures stored, in the book of Revelations. As we become familiar with the bible and listen to the Holy Spirit, insight after insight will be released to the corporate Body of Christ so that it might be prepared for the seasons yet to come. Expect this to increase as the 'Josephs' & 'Davids of Christs body start taking their place. I will only mention one insight, that the Lord has given me previously as an example (below). However I encourage you to visit David Eells web-site at for more and for far greater insights concerning this book of Revelations and the end times.

Example 1 The Nephilum Revelation chapter 12. Satan is about to be cast down to this earth. He will lose his station in heaven, as the accuser of the brethren. He will physically manifest himself in the lives of those he has been preparing. Part of his manifestation here on earth is going to be the return of the Nephilum. The Nephilum of the Old Testatment were those who were children of fallen angels and women. The UFO phenomena of the last 100 years is part of this preparation process. It is a strategic familiarising of our minds to accept and even 'welcome' these Nephilum. This will occur when Satan and his angels are finally evicted from their heavenly station.

Many will scoff at what I am sharing here as pure 'fantasy'. However there will be those who will store this away. When these things start to unravel in the future, you will know what is happening and you will listen to your heavenly Master and you will not be fooled by the lies that will come from their mouths. They will appear to be the 'good' guys and will fool many. "All who came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them." Do not be deceived at their words or at the wonders they perform. The Lord is allowing this for a season and for a reason to bring a sword to His kingdom, he is separating out those who are following the evil of their own heart. Truly the sheep know their Master "I am the Good Shepherd, and I know those that are Mine, and I am known by those who are Mine".


Prophecy pages are assembled from my own prayer diary. I have also noted additional thoughts and links to other helpful sites in the global body of Christ. My desire is to bring together the various components of revelation that the Holy Spirit is bringing to benefit the body of Christ prior to His return.