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In an unstable world, who are you following?

Are you following in the steps of Christ? (See below for Check list)


The New Creation - Is a 'hidden' parable of discipleship woven into the creation story. This revelation came to me during a season of the Lords discipline in my life. Similarly I believe the Lord will reveal the cost of discipleship to his corporate body in these end times as He restores us back to himself through seasons of suffering.


My Story - From an email dialogue between myself and a close friend searching for answers to his identity. Names have been altered

Prophecy - There are several principles that the Lord has shown me concerning these end times that others may find helpful. Whilst the Lord has given me some understanding of things that are yet to come, I have recently been observing others, who have had far more 'revelation' than myself. I can only 'tautoko (support) their words on these pages. The Berean Christians had keen listening hearts. They didn't accept Pauls messages blythely, but always checked & referred back to the scriptures to see if what he said was true. Likewise with these revelations, don't be lazy! Test them to see if they are true. If they are, make informed decisions & change your lifestyles appropriately.


Bible Teaching Resources - There are so many resources available on the net. Some are not worth wasting your time with. These are teachings that I have found helpful


Prayer Diary - Snippets from my prayer diary.

  1. Am I totally immersed 'in Christ'? - As far as I am aware, have I turned from everything that is 'my way', to 'His way'? (The New Creation pages)
  2. Do I read, and obey His word (the bible)?
  3. Have I learnt the power of prayer?
  4. Have I learnt to recognize and listen to His 'voice'? - the Holy Spirit.
  5. Have I known the Lords correction and discipline in my life?
  6. Have I found others who obey Christ? - do I love them and learn from them? (in every gathering of believers, there are always those who love Christ - enjoy them. Do not worry, listen or follow those who by their actions or teachings are not 'in Christ' even if they appear to be 'leaders'. Don't forget that the bible is our standard and not the 'fallen' Christianity that we find in the churches of today.)
  7. Have I allowed Christ to cleanse, heal and restore His image in me? Have I learnt to wait upon Him in this process?
  8. Do I follow Christs example? It is crucial that I learn to dwell in Him. For if I 'dwell in Him', The bible tells me (John 5:20), that I will be able to do everything that Jesus did (and even greater things!)
  9. Do I look and listen for God's words in men? Not looking to the men themselves but instead listening for the Lords will within mens words. God will use anyone he chooses, to be his mouthpiece (even the donkey of Balaam!).
  10. Have I become aware of His 'seasons' in my life and in the world around me? Have I learnt to rest and respond to each season appropriately?
  11. Do I recognise and understand the times in which I live? (Study the above prophecy pages and be prepared for what the Holy Spirit will show you and ask of you)
  12. Am I fearful of the future? or am I resting in Gods promises of absolute sovereignity in my life? (also read Psalm 91)
  13. In every challenge, have I learnt to turn my attention from myself, to the cross of Christ for His power. It is Christ in you and me, who has already overcome this world, the flesh and the devil!